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Genomics Teaching Resources

Powerpoint Presentations
These are PowerPoint files that I use for Genomics and Bioinformatics presentations and short courses.
  • Genomics (4Mb)
    An Introduction to Genomics including the basics of Human Genome sequencing and annotation, microarrays, proteomics, and toxicogenomics.

  • Computational Biology (3Mb)
    The basics of bioinformatics including examples of similarity, alignment, pattern searching, and phylogenetics and a very brief introduction to the use of UNIX.

  • Similarity (xxMb)
    A full, detailed lesson in sequence similarity analysis with an in-depth look at the Smith-Waterman, Fasta, and BLAST methods.

These are some exercises that I have used in my courses. They can be used from any Internet connected computer and do not require any special software other than that which can be freely downloaded from the Web.
  • Exercises 1
    Browsing the Genome

  • Exercises 2
    Descriptive text here. Descriptive text here. Descriptive text here. Descriptive text here.

  • Exercises 3
    Multiple alignment using ClustalX.

Supplemental Reading
These are some short articles (as PDF files or web links) that I generally assign as supplemental reading for my lectures.

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