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Books by Dr. Stuart Brown

Buy the Book -- Medical Genomics
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  Table of Contents
Essentials of Medical Genomics
Stuart M. Brown
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0-471-21003-X
288 Pages
October 2002
US $49.95

The Human Genome Project has led to the creation of a new area of biology known as Genomics. In the coming decade, physicians will have access to new drugs and new diagnostic tests created with genomics technologies. However, genomics will impact all aspects of medicine as hereditary factors are discovered which influence things such as susceptibility and resistance, severity of symptoms, reactions to drugs, tissue compatibility and regeneration potential, etc. This book provides the essential information that every physician needs to know about genomics in order to answer patient questions and incorporate these new technologies into their practice.

Buy the Book -- Bioinformatics
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  Table of Contents
Bioinformatics: A Biologist's Guide to Biocomputing and the Internet
Stuart M. Brown
Eaton Publishing Company
ISBN: 1-881-29918-X
188 Pages
January 2000
US $58.95

It is nearly impossible to function as a molecular biologist today without some basic skills in bioinformatics. Every laboratory technique from simple cloning and PCR to gene expression analysis requires the manipulation of data on a computer. This requires a basic understanding of the algorithms underlying the DNA and protein analysis tools used for these essential research tasks. This book provides a practical overview of bioinformatics for biological scientists and students, biotechnology professionals and interested scientists from other fields. Subjects include searching sequence databases for genes by name, similarity (i.e. "homology") searching, restriction mapping and PCR primer design, pairwise and multiple alignment, locating promoters in DNA and functional motifs in basic logic behind each type of analysis is explained without overwhelming the reader with details of the mathematics used. Bioinformatics programs for mainframes, personal computers, and those freely available on the Web are discussed and evaluated.

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For biologists, students, or interested amateurs, Brown provides an overview to help researchers evaluate and choose the appropriate software, databases, and Web sites for various analysis tasks, and to select options within various software packages. He describes programs for mainframes and personal computers, and those freely available on the Web. The disk contains several software packages.

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